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Audio & Data Music CD Burner

Description: Audio & Data Music CD Burner enables you to create your own custom audio and data CD from MP3, WAV and WMA files that can be played in any standard home or car stereo and portable CD player. Data CD allows you to fit hundreds of song on a single disc! Very easy to use, helps you get the job done quickly! It also comes with complete help documentation to help you get the most out of Audio & Data Music CD Burner! CD Burner Features Highlights Supports BURN-PROOF for error free recording. Supports Winamp *.M3U and Sonique *.PLS playlist. All-in-one Audio CD and Music Data CD writer. No need to convert files to large WAV files during recording saving valuable disc space and ensures error free and fast recording. Arrange, add, update your burn list the way you want it appears on CD. Search using our powerful build-in search engine or browse your computer for music files. Set favorite folders for frequently accessed folders. Create multi-session disc allowing you to burn more songs on the disc later! Supports use of high write speeds. No more long waits for your burns to complete! Supports use of re-writable discs and erasing such discs. So you can burn a re-writable disc as many time as you want! Easy-to-use built-in music player, ensuring the files you are going to burn work properly. Favorite folders and playlist manager allowing you to access your song folders and playlists with a click of a button. Easy to understand graphical user interface. Just point and click to burn CDs easily!

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