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Description: Desktop Armor watches dozens and dozens of important settings on your computer and warns you if any program has changed them. This catches many of the changes a virus, worm, or trojan program will make to your computer and lets you immediately fix them back! Plus Desktop Armor includes a lot of other useful features like a Popup blocker and more! Desktop Armor watches your computer for changes, immediately notifying you when a change is made to confirm you want to keep or reject the change. This saves you from lots of headaches. (A "Computer Setting Firewall" is an excellent description.) Desktop Armor protects your web browser's home page and other important settings. It lets you easily fix things if your browser has been taken over by a hijacker, and watches for hijackers trying to invade. Helps your computer start faster by keeping unnecessary things from starting every time you start Windows. Keeps you from having your modem's phone number changed to dial expensive pay-per-minute numbers when connecting to the Internet! Catches many of the changes a virus, worm, or trojan program will make to your computer. Prevents programs you install from adding new icons or favorites that you don't want. In my testing, installing America Online's latest software adds 2 programs to run every time Windows starts, adds 5 icons on your desktop, and adds 2 icons in the Quick Launch area. All without ever asking you what you want. Desktop Armor catches all those changes and lets you choose to keep or reject them. And many more. There are dozens and dozens of different settings that Desktop Armor watches to protect you.

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