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Description: Random Roller is a handy little program designed mostly with fantasy gamers in mind. It allows the user to enter a low number, a high number, and a desired number of results. The user then clicks on the shield to generate a list of random numbers (according to the desired number of results), that fall between the low and high numbers entered. It can also be used to assist mathematicians who deal with random numbers. Brief run through: The user wishes to generate random numbers falling between 2 and 100. The user enters 2 into the 'Low Number' field, and 100 into the 'High Number' field. The user wants to generate a list of 5 results, and enters 5 into the 'Number of Results' field. The user clicks the shield, and the 5 results appear in the scroll box. If the user wants to repeat the same number generation, the user leaves the fields as they are, and clicks the shield again to generate 5 new results. If the user is playing a fantasy game, the user has just eliminated two player characters, and lost one dragon. If the user is a mathematician, he/she just got very excited. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Number people are way too complex for me. Random Roller has a drag and click help button, and a hidden link spot. Whether you're a gamer or a mathematician, or just someone who enjoys dealing with numbers, this great little program will satisfy you. If for no other reason, just because it looks pretty nice.

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