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The Incredible Drum Machine

Description: The Incredible Drum Machine is a powerful editor for midi drum loops. You can create loops and export them into midi files. You can export your loops into mixed, or into multi-track midi files, where each drum type will occupy one track. Loops made in The Incredible Drum Machine compatible with all popular sequencers (Cakewalk, Cubase, Logic Audio). For the special realness of sounding the volume of each drum track in pattern is established separately.

Also any drum in pattern can sound more loudly of more silently base loudness of a track. The Incredible Drum Machine works in the resolution 1/64 notes, but using unique system of the visual filter you can hide unused positions, and to see your track as, for example, in 1/16 notes. Also you can create unique broken musical sizes for your breakbeat music. Unlimited patterns and playlist allows you not only to make drum loops, but also to write complete drum parts for your songs in The Incredible Drum Machine.

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